Tuesday, August 24, 2010
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Refomist group calls for national poll

The reformist party Etemad-e Melli headed by opposition leader, Mehdi Karroubi, calls for a poll “as a clear and legal method to discover the opinion of the populace regarding some of the important issues of national concern.”

Saham news the party’s website published the announcement adding that the “real demands of the people” will thus be clarified.

The reformist party announces that it has proposed the national poll because the current situation of Iran is “miles from the goals” set in the early days of the Revolution.

“Using religion as a tool, discrimination and inequality amongst ethnicities and religions, indifference of the authorities to the will of the people and using violence in resolving debates” are amongst the list of issues that the announcement describes as unfamiliar to the language of the 1979 Revolution.

It also condemns “violations of the constitution and of the basic provisions of justice.”

Etemed-e Melli Organization urges the Islamic Republic establishment to “hear the cries of the nation and end their obstinacy against the people.”

The Islamic Republic authorities still regards election protesters as a “deceived and foreign-backed elements” group of the society and warned that they will confront them without leniency.

Despite all warning, protesters have announced that they will stage further demonstrations on February 11 to reaffirm the protests against the alleged election fraud that brought Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to another term at presidency.

The reformist organization also renewed its call to supporters of the Green Movement to join the February 11 demonstrations emphasizing once more that protesters should refrain from engaging in slogans that are against the foundations of the Islamic Republic system and stay clear of all provocations that might try to “ draw the peaceful presence of the people into violence.”

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