Tuesday, August 24, 2010
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Iranian opposition leader rules out any form of retreat

Mohammad Khatami (centre)

Former Iranian president, Mohammd Khatami, speaking to a group of student and youth members of the Path of Imam Forces Organization, maintained that the reformists cannot retreat in the face of all the “deviations” and “damages” that the “Islamic” and “republic” aspects of the system have suffered.

Parleman News reports that the opposition leader maintained that in response “to all the shouts that we have endured,” we cannot retreat until all the “deviations that have taken shape in the Islamic Republic system are remedied."

He added: “If people believe that their votes were not respected, then reformists have the right to say that the Islamic and republic aspects of the system are threatened.”

Mohammad Khatami declared that “Imam, the constitution and common sense state that people should determine the outcome of elections and elections need to be healthy with complete transparency.”

In the Islamic Republic, according to the former president, people’s acceptance is a “real and vital” matter and if this acceptance is damaged, “then it is our religious duty to find out what has gone wrong.”

He once more urged for an end to political pressures, and the security atmosphere of the country as well as freedom of all political prisoners.

The Opposition Leader expressed deep regret that a group of “extremists” are stopping the society from reaching a meaningful “understanding.” He also criticized the National Broadcasting Seda Va Sima for restricting its reports and activities to a limited point of view.

Reformists have repeatedly accused Seda va Sima of one sided support of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at the expense of all other voices in the society.

Mohammad Khatami spoke out against the harsh media restrictions against the opposition claiming: “They slander reformists and prominent Revolutionary figures any which way they want and refuse to even give them a chance to defend themselves.”

He added that “everyone has gotten into the habit of speaking on behalf of the people but really speaking their own thoughts. Then they claim it is what people are saying.” He continued: “It is vital to speak about the people and not on their behalf; and then speak out our own minds.”

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