Tuesday, August 24, 2010
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Ahamdinejad vice-president defends himself against corruption charges

Mohammadreza Rahimi

Corruption charges are being flung around amongst Islamic Republic officials as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s vice-president defends himself against accusations from parliamentarians.

Mohammadreza Rahimi, who was accused of “financial corruption” by Iranian MP Elias Naderan, reacted to his detractors saying that he has always been “the protector of the public treasury” and attributed the charges against him to those who "spread doubt and confusion in society."

While Rahimi did not identify any names but threatened that the government “possesses every information about the assets, credentials and abuses of these spreaders of doubt.”

He described his accusers as “a group of mercenaries who have always moved against the interests of the Islamic Republic,” and added that they are in control of vast interests and assets.

Rahimi also emphasized that in confronting corruption no individual or organizations should enjoy impunity.

Yesterday, conservative MP, Elias Naderan announced that Mohammadreza Rahimi is “head of the corruption ring” of Fatemi Avenue, which is currently under investigation by the judiciary.

Elias Naderan’s comments have drawn the condemnation of pro-Ahmadinejad figures in the government and the parliament according to IRNA.

ILNA News Agency also reports that vice-president Mohammadreza Rahimi has issued a directive to all executive offices of the government to take initiative in strict confrontation of all sorts of financial corruption.

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