Tuesday, August 24, 2010
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Two Iranian detainees temporarily released

Feizollah Arabsorkhi

Feizollah Arabsorkhi and Omid Montazeri were temporarily released from Evin Prison on bail. ILNA reports that Arabsorkhi, an executive member of the reformist organization, Mojahedin of Islamic Revolution was released on bail Monday afternoon for a period of five days.

The reformist activist, who has been incarcerated for over nine months, was sentenced to six years in prison for “activity against national security and propaganda against the regime.” The appeals court has not yet announced its final decision regarding his sentence.

Omid Montazeri

Omid Montazeri, detained student activist and journalist was also released yesterday on bail. He has been sentenced to six years in prison without any access to his lawyer.

This law student was arrested last December upon calling on the Ministry of Intelligence to inquire about the arrest of his mother.

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