Friday, December 17, 2010
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59 months in prison upheld for Iranian activist

Abdollah Momeni

Abdollah Momeni, spokesman for the student organization, Advar-e Tahkim Vahdat, received a sentence of four years and 11 months from the appellate court.

Advarnews website reports that the sentence was handed to Abdollah Moneni this morning by prison officials.

Momeni had been sentence to six years in prison by a preliminary court on top of which he would also have to serve a two year suspended sentence.

Abdollah Momeni had been given a temporary leave from prison at the start of Iranin New Year in March. His family maintains that he had to return early to prison in April because he had refused to commit to certain conditions of the interrogators.

He was arrested on June 22, following the controversial 2009 presidential elections which protesters claim was fraudulent.

In September, Momeni appeared in the notorious mass trials of election protesters and made a number of declarations against his past political activities.

Ahmad Zeidabadi, Secretary General of Advar-e Tahkim Vahadat has also been in prison for over nine months. The student organization announced that in the past ten months over half its members have been arrested.

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