Friday, December 17, 2010
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Iranian Basij forces attack student protesters in Tehran

A student gathering staged today at Tehran’s Open University in protest to the numerous expulsions and other disciplinary sentences issued by universities in the past months was attacked by Basij and security forces.

Iran’s student websites report that protesters were chanting “Ya Hosein! MirHosein!” in support of opposition leader MirHosein Mousavi, “Death to the dictator!” “Honourable student! Support! Support!” and “Imprisoned students must be released!”

Daneshjoo News reports that security and Basij forces tried to arrest some students which led to some altercations. As a result, the afternoon classes were reportedly cancelled.

Four students were reportedly injured but Basij forces have impeded their transfer to hospitals.

Cell phone access in the area has been cut off and students are not able to make contact with people outside the campus.

A significant number of security forces are also seen outside surrounding the university.

Since the start of this academic year in September, the Open University has been the site of seven student protests.

In response to post-election protests, the government has specifically targeted the universities with student arrests and stricter rules in order to quell student support for the “Green Movement.”

Student activists have been arrested and handed heavy prison terms in the past months and many more have been expelled and suspended from universities.

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