Friday, December 17, 2010
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Iranian opposition leader stresses people’s right to protest

ILNA-Mohammad Khatami

Former Iranian President, Mohammad Khatami condemned the restrictions on political parties and activists, saying: “Rightful protests cannot be described as sedition; they are people’s right.”

Parleman News reports that speaking to a group of former lawmakers, Khatami said: “Protesting against issues should not result in accusations against protesters.”

He added that if the judiciary was conscientious about its duties, the accusers and the accused would actually swap places.

He went on to say: “Criticism is different from lies, slander and destruction," and he condemned the one-sided programs that “slander” the opposition on national media.

The opposition leader emphasized that “release of prisoners, avoiding unjust confrontations, opening of the political and social atmosphere according to the Constitution and commitment to the freedom of thought and speech” are the principle rights of the society and the people.

He also stressed the need for open and transparent elections that are supervised by impartial institutions.

He concluded by saying: “The establishment and the government must obey the law and remain committed to its execution.”

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