Friday, December 17, 2010
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Iranian hardliner calls for stricter enforcement of hijab

Ahmad Janati

Iranian hardliner, Ahmad Janati told Tehran Friday Mass worshippers that the issue of “hijab” (appropriate Muslim attire) has been “disregarded” in the past 20 years in Iran and it needs to be resolved.

He claimed that in universities “if students want to get a good mark, they must adhere to the rules of hijab.”

He told officials of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution that “the universities and students are under your control” and urged them to confront any violation of proper hijab through disciplinary committees.

Janati insisted that the cultural approach to the enforcement of hijab rules has not yielded positive results and there is need for “further efforts.”

Ahmad Janati, who is a staunch Ahmadinejad supporter, called for strict adherence to hijab laws in government institutions as well as hospitals and other centres.

Covering of hair and all body parts is mandatory for all Iranian women in the Islamic Republic.

A new wave of conservative reaction has recently issued from the government calling for confrontation of women when parts of their hair show from under their headscarves.

Hardline clerics all across Iran have been concentrating on the hijab issue in their sermons.

The arrival of warm weather is is also a time when the so-called violations of hijab increase and the government shows greater resistance to such violations.

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