Tuesday, August 24, 2010
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Tehran takes a security face on May Day

Central areas of Tehran are reportedly seeing a heavy presence of security forces on International Worker’s Day.

Kalame Website reports a large presence of military and security forces near Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare Organization.

Some unconfirmed reports of labour gatherings and clashes with security forces in other cities of Iran haven also been received.

In Tehran some labour unions have announced that they will gather in front of Ministry of Labour at five p.m. on May Day and start a demonstration toward Engehelab Square.

Reformist organizations, Islamic Iran Participation Front, Council of National-Religious Activists and the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran in separate announcements have urged the authorities not to respond to the demands of teachers and workers as a security concern.

The Participation Front has criticized the dire condition of workers and announced that coalition of the workers’ movement with the Green Movement and the proposal of their shared and national demands is “an opening for Iranian society” toward a better future.

Council of National-Religious Activists also calls on the Islamic Republic to recognize the legal stature of workers and teachers.

International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran has urged the Islamic Republic to recognize the right of workers and teachers to join the events of International Workers Day and National Teacher’s Day.

The Campaign also calls for the immediate release of imprisoned labour activists and teachers from Iran’s prisons.

In recent days a number of teachers including members of Iran’s Teacher’s Association have been arrested in Tehran and other major cities of the country.

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