Friday, December 17, 2010
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Extreme reactions of Iran's Media Deputy called by Minister of Culture

The harsh treatment of journalists and newspapers by media deputy of the Ministry of Culture was finally noted by the Minister of Culture after the parliament questioned the impartiality of the ministry in dealing with the media.

MohammadReza Khabbaz, Iranian MP announced today that Minister of Culture confirmed that the Media Deputy of the ministry was guilty of some extreme reactions which the ministry has now corrected.

The Minister of Culture had appeared at the parliament today to respond to parliamentary concerns expressed about double standard of treatment for reformist and conservative media outlets.

The Media Deputy of the ministry, MohammadAli Ramin has shut down over ten newspapers and publications and cancelled their publication permits while also issuing numerous warnings to various newspapers and magazines.

In a television interview, he said: “Erring journalists must be denied their citizen rights.”

Ramin has reportedly insulted Farhikhtegan journalists in the office of the newspaper calling them “a bunch of clowns” after one of the journalists reminded him that the editor-in-chief of their newspaper, Reza Nourbakhsh is imprisoned.

Reporters Without Borders has reported that over 100 journalists have been arrested in Iran in the past year.

Iran has also shut down the Journalists Association of Iran and arrested Badrosadat Mofidi, the Secretary-General of the Association.

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