Friday, December 17, 2010
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Iranian students denied passing grade over bad veiling charges

A number of professors at Khajeh Nasireddin Toosi University in Tehran have refused to give a passing grade to men and women who have attended classes in what they describe as “bad coverings and outfits.”

Daneshjoo news reports that enforcement of strict veiling laws in universities has been exacerbated and university security have assumed “offensive” ways of confronting students regarding their outfits.

An engineering professor has refused to give a student’s final grade unless the individual signed a letter committing to strict ways of dressing and talking with other students.

The Minister of Science has recently urged the university authorities to engage people over bad veiling violations.

ILNA reports that women are required to wear loose garments and strict head coverings in university and in general refrain from revealing “the size of their bodies.”

Deputy Minister of Science also announced that men are also forbidden from wearing “tawdry” outfits including “tight and revealing T-shirts, short and tight pants that expose bare bodies during walking and moving.”

Written and oral warnings as well as suspension from university are amongst the punishments mentioned by the ministry official that could be meted out for dressing code violations.

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