Friday, December 17, 2010
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Police attack families of Iranian political prisoners

A family member in front of Evin Prison holding pictures of the 17 prisoners on hunger strike

A gathering of families of Iranian political prisoners in front of Tehran Prosecutor’s Office today was confronted with violence by the police who also threatened to arrest them.

Kaleme website reports that “anti-riot police carrying batons attacked families of political prisoners in Sabzeh Meydon of Tehran; they grabbed the pictures of the prisoners out of their hands and tore them while insulting and cursing the mothers.”

The families of prisoners also gathered yesterday in front of the Prison Affairs building.

The families are concerned for their kin who have been on hunger strike for over a week in Evin Prison.

RAHANA reports that today Evin Prison infirmary staff have started “harassing and insulting” the prisoners that are on hunger strike.

RAHANA reports that they have shouted at the prisoners saying: “You have thrown the country into chaos and now you are also throwing the prison into chaos.”

17 political prisoners in Evin Prison started a hunger strike in Evin Prison ten days ago in protest to the violation of their rights as prisoners.

Yesterday RejaiShahr prisoners issued an open letter in support of Evin Prison political detainees but also urged them to end their strike because “Iran’s pro-democracy protest movement” needs them “in order to build a free Iran.”

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