Friday, December 17, 2010
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Bushehr Nuclear Plant becomes functional in October

Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant

Ali Akbar Salehi, head of Iran’s atomic energy agency announced that Bushehr Nuclear Plant will become functional in October and enter the energy grid by the end of November.

Mehr news agency reports that according to Salehi, nuclear fuel will be injected into the Bushehr reactor core in October which will initiate the plant’s activities.

Bushehr Nucelar Plant was officially launched in August in the presence of a Russian delegation headed by Sergey Kiriyenko, director general of Russian atomic agency.

Iran and Russia have signed an agreement to establish a joint company to ensure secure exploitation of the nuclear plant.

The launch of the Bushehr Nuclear Plant was followed by some reports hinting at the possibility of Israeli air raid of the facilities.

Iranian authorities have responded to these reports with fierce warnings of retaliation against Israel in case of such an attack.

Bushehr Nucelar Plant which began construction in Iran before the 1979 Revolution was first contracted out to the German company, Siemens. The project, which came to a halt after the Revolution, was later taken over by Russians in 1997.

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