Friday, December 17, 2010
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Health of Iranian political prisoner on hunger strike failing

Iranian political prisoner, Arjang Davoodi

Iranian human rights activists report that long time political prisoner, Arjang Davoodi who has been on hunger strike for over two months is in severe health condition.

Reportedly he was transferred to the Rejai Shahr Prison infirmary and the Committee of Human Rights Reporters announced that he was unable to talk or open his eyes.

The report adds that prison authorities tried to force him to sign a statement to take on the consequences of his hunger strike. However, Human Rights Reporters say that he refused to sign the statement or end his strike.

Arjang Davoodi was arrested in 2003 and his charges were listed as writing the Secular Manifesto, founding the Iranian Freedom Movement, insulting sanctities as well as insulting the leader and the authorities.

Arjang Davoodi was barred from any contact with his family last year. As a consequence he wrote a letter of complaint to the head of Rejai Shahr Prison in Karaj and in response the prison authorities transferred him to solitary confinement following which Dovoodi started his hunger strike.

In his letter Arjang Davoodi refers to his home which by the order of the court has been confiscated and sold out. Davoodi writes that if the authorities do not heed his complaint and return his house to his family who have become homeless, he will appeal to international bodies.

Arjang Davoodi’s wife claims that the confiscated house was both their residence and a school and cultural society by the name of “Partoo-e Hekmat.”

Nazanin Davoodi emphasized that her husband’s health is rapidly failing and the last time she met him last week, he was wheeled out to her on a wheelchair.

She expressed her hopes that his case would reach some resolution as soon as possible since his health would not hold out much longer.

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