Friday, December 17, 2010
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Iran says Mahabad attackers identified

Iran Intelligence Minister, Heydar Moslehi

Iran’s minister of intelligence, Heydar Moslehi announced that the perpetrators of yesterday’s blast in Mahabad have been identified by the intelligence ministry’s “Anonymous Soldiers of Imam Zaman.”

ISNA reports that the Intelligence Minister told a press conference: “The group that had planned and carried out this terrorist attack has been identified by the Anonymous Soldiers of Imam Zaman and the investigation is still continuing.”

He added: “We hope to bring these individuals to justice soon within the Holy Week of Defence.”

Iran is currently marking the 22nd anniversary of the commencement of Iran-Iraq War in what they refer to as the “Holy Week of Defence.”

Heydar Moslehi announced that the explosion in Mahabad was coordinated to “destroy the unity between Sunnis and Shiites.”

Latest news regarding the blast in Mahabad which occurred yesterday morning at a military parade indicates that 12 people were killed and 81 were injured and reportedly most of the victims were women and children.

No one has so far claimed responsibility for the explosion but Islamic Republic authorities have attributed it to “enemies and world arrogance.”

A number of dissident political groups in the region including Kurdistan Democrat Party, Komeleh Party and Pezhak have condemned the attack.

The attack was also condemned by US foreign minister, Hilary Clinton.

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