Friday, December 17, 2010
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Iranian authorities forecast economic difficulties

Commander Mohammadreza Naghdi

Head of Iran’s Basij paramilitary, Commander Mohammdreza Naghdi says restructuring of government subsidies is like “major surgery” in the economy which is bound to entail “great pains.”

Mehr news agency reports that Commander Naghdi added that the proper implementation of the legislation would however result in economic development of the country. He thus urged the public to “forego their immediate personal interests for the sake of national interests.”

He called on people not to use this opportunity to create discontent or attack national foundations in order to “fill their own pockets with money.”

Commander Naghdi went on to say: “Basij compliments all ministries and wherever there is need they will enter the scene." He announced Basij forces are prepared to lend their assistance to the government in "its great economic endeavour.”

Head of Iranian Basij forces urged those who may be inflicted with economic difficulties due to the implementation of the new legislation regarding subsidies, to show “patience and tolerance” so that eventually they will also be able “to taste its sweet fruits.”

He maintained that Basij forces are on the look out for any interference with this legislation all across the country in order to inform the government and take appropriate actions against them.

The cutting of government subsidies, which have kept the price of energy and food staples down in Iran for decades, are to take effect soon in Iran and the government is concerned that the possible economic difficulties resulting from it can translate into general social discontent disturbing the political balance of the country.

Iranian authorities have been consistently using the term “economic sedition” and “soft war” as tools in the arsenal of the Islamic Republic enemies.

The ministry of intelligence as well as all the security forces and the Revolutionary Guards have announced their readiness to “confront interference with the restructuring of the subsidies.”

The opposition however maintains that “economic sedition’"is just an excuse to suppress the people’s legitimate protests to the government’s incompetent management of the economy.

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