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11 people executed in connection with bombing in Chabahar

11 people were hanged in Sistan-Baluchistan today, Monday, in connection with last week’s suicide bombing in the Shiite mourning procession in Chabahar.

Sistan-Baluchistan provincial justice department announced that these individuals were “related to” and “supporters of” Jundollah and their sentences were carried out after the supreme judicial bodies approved them.

In a statement Sistan-Baluchistan provincial justice department said the executed were involved in “the terrorist operations of the past years, in killing people, bombings, importing weapons, armed robbery and kidnapping.”

They added that the provincial judiciary will not hesitate in executing the exact sentences and religious penalties set for “enemies of God and corrupt of the earth.”

Ebrahim Hamidi, Sistan-Baluchistan department head told IRNA that these individual “went through all the legal and religious procedures of receiving a fair and public trial.”

Five days ago, a suicide bombing attack in a central square of Chabahar city killed 39 people and injured 86 more.

Jundollah militant group that claims to fight for the rights of Sunni Baluchi minority in the region took responsibility for the attack.

Iran immediately after announced the arrest of nine people in connection with this attack.

Iranain authorities have accused Israel, the US and Britain of supporting these terrorist acts. Islamic Republic authorities have also accused Pakistani regional authorities of harbouring these terrorists.

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Islamist Regime of MURDER, Hypocrisy & Theft is in NOT QUALIFIED to JUDGE anyone.

-- Maziar Irani ، Dec 20, 2010

Jondollah’s poor calculations endanger the lives of Baluch. By Walid Garboni
Following the suicide attack on Shiite worshipers in Imam Hossain Mosque in Chahbahar, Iran retaliated like a Stone Age regime and killed by hanging 11 people in Zahedan –the capital of the West Baluchistan. Iran accused the men of being members of Jondollah which is banned in Iran and the Western countries.

When an organisation is banned in a country, being a member of it becomes a crime. Such crimes have different punishments in different countries; however, Iran uses method of hanging.

One would wonder how Iran came to know that these people were Jondollah members!

Generally Iran doesn’t need solid evidence to hang someone, particularity a Baluchistani person. Just being a literate Baluch and conscious about suffering of people of Baluchistan is a good enough excuse for Iran to hang you. However, in this particular instance, Jondollah seem to have been conned to reveal its in-custody supporters while negotiating their release secretly.

Since its formation Jondollah has had secret contacts with the regime’s representatives either for ransom in return of regime’s abducted officials or for exchange of captives between them. On this occasion Jondollah has been demanding release of the hanged men in exchange of a nuclear facility employee of Iran, Amir Hossain Shirani.

Mr Shirani’s kidnapping was acknowledged by Jondollah in early October 2010 and demanded the release of its captive supporters in exchange of Mr Shirani’s freedom. Iranians rejected Jondollah’s claim that Mr Shirani was a nuclear expert. They said he was a driver at Esfahan facility.

It is not the first time that Iran hanged Baluch accused of supporting Jondollah. Dozens of Baluch have been hanged or killed cold-blooded on similar charges since the formation of Jondollah.

As being led by non-political people with religious sentiments Jondollah is exploiting Baluch emotions risen out of constant discrimination and ethnic cleansing by Iran. And it is clear that Jondollah is miscalculating the scenario, hence endangering the lives of Baluch activists.

Many level headed Baluch politicians and intellectuals had since the beginning warned Jondollah that its actions benefited the Iranian regime more than Sunnis whom Jondollah championed.

Jamish Amiri, head of Baluchistan United Front –Federal, in an interview put it that Jondollah’s action showed the regime as a victim before the world rather than an oppressor. Meanwhile following the suicide attack in Chahbahar recently prominent Baluch intellectual Dr Abdolsattar Doshoki said “no conscious human being ever believes that killing of innocent worshipers benefit Baluch or Sunnis in any way.”

Despite disagreement from certain sides, main political parties of the West Baluchistan had initially defended Jondollah’s anti-regime actions. Now, though, they have opted for silence.

-- Walid Garboni ، Dec 21, 2010

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