Friday, December 17, 2010
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Suggested terrorist links in Sotoudeh case denied by her husband

Nasrin Sotoudeh

Reza Khandan, husband of detained Iranian lawyer, Nasrin Sotoudeh, says that his wife “has at no time been linked to terrorist groups and no such charge is in her file.”

Reza Khandan told the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran: “I am certain that the case judge and the prosecutor who indicted Nasrin Sotoudeh are perplexed by Mohammad Javad Larijani’s statements.”

Mohammad Javad Larijani, head of Iranian judiciary’s Human Rights Commission told reporters yesterday that Nasrin Sotoudeh has been charged with “propaganda against Islam and the regime” and also for “links with terrorist groups.” He stated that her arrest is not connected with her activities as a lawyer.

Reza Khandan reported that his wife’s file contains two charges of “membership in the Human Rights Defenders Centre and Interview with foreign media.”

He added that Sotoudeh will also be tried for a new charge of “failing to adhere to the Islamic code of dressing (hijab)” next month.

Khandan explained this recent charge, saying: “Two years ago Sotoudeh had been awarded a prize by the Italian Human Rights Committee and to express her gratitude, she had recorded a video message in Iran without covering her hair. The message was not shown in Iran; however, she is now being put to trial for this new charge next month.”

Khandan stressed that Sotoudeh’s morale is very low and she is hardly able to talk anymore.

Nasrin Sotoudeh, a human rights lawyer, has been detained by Iranian authorities since last September and is currently on her second round of a dry hunger strike in protest to “unjust sentences issued in the post-election events” by Iranian judiciary.

Khandan has repeatedly announced that his wife has committed no criminal activity and all her actions have been in accordance with every legal consideration.

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Nous constatons en ce moment que les avocats des accusés et les condamnés sont en prison, les avocats de ces avocats sont aussi en prison ... mais encore les avocats des avocats, selon les principes d'un engrenage qui semble sans fin, s'exposent au danger pour plaider en faveur de la libération de leurs confrères.

-- farhang ghassemi ، Dec 14, 2010

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