Apr 2010

Karroubi: Government fearful of people's movement

Prominent opposition figure, Mehdi Karroubi announced that Islamic Republic's mistreatment of political prisoners reveals the ruling class’s “fear of people’s movement.”

Iranian hardliners renew attacks on opposition leaders

Islamic Republic hardliners have started a new wave of attacks against MirHosein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi following the opposition’s rally for demonstrations on the anniversary of the 2009 June elections.

Iran wins seat in UN women's rights body

Iran quietly wins a seat in the United Nation’s Commission on the Status of Women on Wednesday without facing any objections from other member countries.

Iran's harsh prison conditions decried by human rights group

International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran has published a report gathered from recently released prisoners about the dire condition of prisoners in section 350 of Evin Prison.

Mousavi issues message for Iranian workers and teachers

In a message on the occasion of Worker's and Teacher's day, opposition leader MirHosein Mousavi announced that without “competitive elections”, release of all political prisoners and freedom of all labour and national organizations, the political problems of Iran cannot be resolved.

Iranian Teachers Association leaders arrested

AliAkbar Baghani and Mohammad Beheshti Langaroudi, secretary-general and spokesman of Teachers Association of Iran were arrested yesterday by Islamic Republic security forces.

Political prisoners express solidarity with Iranian workers

A group of Iranian political prisoners announced that on May 1, on the occasion of International Worker’s Day followed by National Teacher’s Day, they will go on a hunger strike to express their solidarity with Iranian workers and teachers.

Unemployment rising in Iran's labour sector

Iranian labour activists say that since the start of the new Iranian year in March, worker lay offs have increased by 50 percent.

Foreign staff to leave Kandahar Province

The United Nations and International organizations have announced that they will evacuate their staff from Kandahar province in the south of Afghanistan due to lack of security.

Women's rights activists slam Iran's bid to join UN commission

A group of Iranian women’s right activists have written a letter to the United Nations to speak out against Iran’s efforts in joining the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW).

Iranian opposition wants permit for peaceful demonstrations

Iranian opposition leaders MirHosein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi have called on all Iranian reformist organizations and groups to apply for a permit to hold peaceful demonstrations on June 12.

Iranian labour organizations announce their demands

Ten Iranian labour organizations issued a joint resolution stating their demands at the threshold of the International Workers’ Day on May 1.

Iranian reformist parties defy charges against them

The two major Iranian reformist organizations, Islamic Iran Participation Front and Mojahedin of Islamic Revolution announced that they will continue their activities according to the law and demanded a public hearing in order to defend all their activities.

Iranian artist wins international Cartoon Award

Hassan Karimzadeh, Iranian graphic artist, won the first prize in the Humour Category of “World Press Cartoon” festival, 2010.

Iranian MP reveals: no probe into university attack

Jamshid Ansari, member of the Minority Faction of Iran’s Parliament announced that despite previous claims, the parliament has initiated no probe into the attack on the university dorm of Tehran University.

Karroubi says Iranian opposition becomes "more resistant"

Iranian opposition leader, Mehdi Karroubi condemned the “new wave of psychological wars” waged on the opposition by Islamic Republic extremists but assured that the opposition will merely become more resistant with the growing pressures.

Hardliner highlights Islamic Republic's conservative values

Leader of Tehran's Friday Mass Prayers, Kazem Sedighi announced that lack of adherence to the Islamic codes of dressing will restrict the growth and development of the younger generation even in the scientific fields.

Mousavi removed from Iran's Open University board

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has removed MirHosein Mousavi from the board of founders of the Open University and issued new statutes for the university.

Ahmadinejad calls for "dignified" treatment of offenders

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told a gathering of commanders and directors of Iranian Security forces that offenders must be treated with “dignity” but none should be spared punishment.

Mousavi condemns Islamic Republic's violent actions in name of Islam

Opposition leader, MirHosein Mousavi once more condemned the State’s violent policies against protesters in the name of Islam and added that Islam has become a “hollow shell” in Iran.